Sunday, June 8, 2008

Final New Hampshire Report & Master Pastellist Status

Rain moved in for our final day in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. This wasn't the mist, drizzle and spotty rain we'd had earlier in the week, but an ongoing, soaking rain - a gardener's delight. We gathered on our host's screened-in porch beside Lee's Pond, where I demonstrated working with a complementary underpainting in pastel. Although this technique can be overused, it was quite appropriate for all the green that surrounds the pond. Hemlocks, birches, white pines - we were in the thick of it! I started with many different dark reds and oranges for the vegetation and moved to lighter oranges for the water, sky and distant trees.

I loved the "repoussoir" effect of the trees that bracketed the view. Their dark shadows seemed to evoke a sense of mystery lying outside the picture frame. If you hear the rain dripping from the branches when you look at this painting, then I've met my goal.

Later, we went back to the Moultonborough Historical Society to finish up. Some worked on paintings done earlier in the week that needed adjusting; others painted scenes through the window; and two painted a still life. To round off the week, we talked about final matters - harmonizing your painting, framing, exhibitions, and the business of painting.

It was a great week, and I really enjoyed my visit to the area. I'll be back, because there's plenty more to paint!

I'm home briefly to tie up loose ends before heading for Grand Manan Island next Sunday. (Workshop will be 15-20 June.) I'll have limited Internet access that week, so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post. At the worst, I'll have a full report for you by the end of the workshop week.

By the way, I just received news today that Pastel Artists Canada has awarded me Master Pastellist status. This is quite an honor, and I'm very happy!

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