Thursday, June 12, 2008

Workshop Survey Results

I had over 70 responses to my survey - not bad for just a couple of days! I thank everyone who participated. I'll use these results to fine-tune my painting workshops.

I had some surprising results and some not so-surprising. Here is a summary, looking primarily at the biggest numbers.
  • A 56% majority preferred workshops shorter than 5 days. (No surprise - people still working full-time might find it hard to commit to 5 days.)
  • No one wanted a workshop of more than 5 days. (Surprise - I thought at least some people who are retired or are full-time painters might want a longer, in-depth workshop.)
  • A 60% majority preferred workshops that run Monday-Friday. (Somewhat of a surprise - I thought people still working might like to take fewer days off from work and include weekends.)
  • A 77% majority preferred full-day workshops rather than half-days. (Somewhat of a surprise - my half-day workshops have been quite popular in recreational areas.)
  • For the minority that wanted half-day workshops, 53% preferred the hours of 9-1. (No surprise - no one gets up as early as I do!)
  • A 51% majority preferred workshops in just one medium. (Somewhat of a surprise - I find it enlightening to see another medium in play.)
  • 48% preferred a workshop size of 5-8 students. (No surprise - who wants to fight for attention?)
  • 37% said they would hike up to a quarter-mile to paint. (A delightful surprise - I didn't know so many were interested in hiking for a better painting spot.)
As for what months respondents preferred for a workshop, the data points create a two-humped curve like the back of a Bactrian camel. May and June are the first hump of popular months, followed by September and October. Surprisingly, July and August are only a bit more popular than the winter months. (Big surprise - I thought most people still working would want to take workshops during the summer vacation months.)

Predictably, painting locations were all over the map - literally! I'll hang onto this list and look into workshop possibilities. If you're interested in sponsoring a workshop in coming years, let me know. I have details of my requirements here:

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