Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Knifework

Today, we headed out for the Head Harbour Light Station, which is at the northern tip of Campobello Island. The lighthouse and its buildings sit on a tiny rock island, and it is accessible only by boat or at low tide. We chose to paint from the parking lot, safe from the tides.

I was so pleased with yesterday's result, I decided to continue on my painting knife adventure. Today, I had us focus on using interesting color. Rather than mix color that precisely matched our subject, we really pushed the color. For example, though the shadowed rocks and rockweed were a dark, murky gray-green, we went for dark purple. With the knife, it was easy to keep the richness of our color mixtures.

One further observation about the knife: I use more paint and more paper towels.

Here's today's demonstration:

"Head Harbour Colors"
8x10, oil, en plein air

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