Friday, August 1, 2008

Companion Piece

I wanted to paint a companion piece to "Foggy Regatta," which I did last week. When I do a piece meant to accompany another, I try to keep a few variables the same:
  • Same dimensions
  • Same medium
  • Same palette
  • Same "feeling"
Dimensions and medium are easy. I stuck with pastel and a sheet of 12x18 paper. Palette is a bit more difficult, especially since I did not put aside the selection of pastels I used for the first painting. However, in this case, the weather was very much the same - fog! Fog is an element that harmonizes a painting naturally, much in the way that sunlight will. A little bit of its color gets into everything. As for "feeling," well, you can't get more moody and atmospheric than fog!

Here is the finished painting:

"Fog, Raccoon Beach"
12x18, pastel, en plein air

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