Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rock Demonstration

Rocks seem to be an oft-requested topic for my demonstrations. Today, I took the workshop out to the Head Harbour Lightstation. Although most people go there for the lighthouse, I go there for the rocks. At late morning, the rocks sport deep shadows - perfect for a rock demo!

I chose to zoom in to capture a rocky outcrop with some interesting color. Orange lichen dappled the tops, and the shadowed sides of the rocks were full of color.

"Warning - Strong Current"
5x7, oil, en plein air

Here are the steps I take with rocks:
  1. Outline the basic shapes
  2. Draw in the major dark accents (typically, cracks)
  3. Block in the shadowed parts
  4. Block in the mid-values
  5. Block in the lights
  6. Restate the major dark accents
  7. Add light highlights
By the way, this one is called "Warning - Strong Currents" because that's what the sign says on the left. The painting is of the middle island that one would cross on a hike out to the lighthouse. This hike is possible only at low tide. At any other time, a strong - and very cold - current races through the gap.

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