Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Acadia Workshop Center - Day 2

The weatherman's "brisk" is simply a polite way of saying "windy as all get-out." That's how the morning greeted us, so we sought out a protected painting spot. Little Long Pond, over near Northeast Harbor, occupies a small valley between two hills, and we decided that it would offer us refuge. But as luck would have it, the valley was oriented just the right way to channel the wind to maximum effect. There was no way we could paint the long view of the pond with Cadillac Mountain in the distance, so we ended up painting short views from the more-protected woods.

Often, nature forces you into a situation that is better than the one you might have chosen on your own. For example, I wouldn't have painted this little view of the carriage road at the south end of the pond, and I have the wind to thank for it!

"Little Long Pond Carriage Road"
5x7, oil

It was a good morning to talk about the benefit of working in smaller sizes on days when there's uncomfortable weather. If you can stand the weather for 30 minutes, you can do a nice, small sketch. Then, you can retreat to the car for coffee and prime yourself for another 30-minute session.

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