Monday, October 27, 2008

Sedona Plein Air Festival - Day 6 ... And Beyond

I'm now in the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, where they have free wi-fi, catching up on the blog. The Quick Draw on Saturday ended up being a relaxing time for me. I found a nice sycamore along Oak Creek to paint, got into the "zone," and spent two quiet hours bringing the painting up to a level that satisfied me. Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera with me to take a photo!

After the Quick Draw, Trina and I went back to our casita to finish up a painting I'd started the day before for our host. Here's "View from the Lodge" (9x12, oil), plus a view of me painting:

By 5 pm, the artists had to wander over to the L'Auberge ballroom to vote for the Artists' Choice before the Patrons' Gala. After that, the patrons began to arrive. (Tickets were $125 each! I'm glad I was one of the artists and could get in for free.) Selling was fast and furious, accompanied by music with William Eaton and hors d'ouevres by L'Auberge. Here I am in front of my top three choices:

Saturday and Sunday were the two "public sale" days. It was a great opportunity to chat with fellow artists about techniques, materials and business ideas. I don't get a chance like this to network with artists every day! During the week, the artists were so busy that we didn't have much time.

It's hard to believe the week is over. But, I'm looking forward to being in Sedona again in just a couple of months. As many of you know, Trina and I will be in Sedona for the winter, where I plan to teach several workshops. I've heard winter is lovely in Sedona.

Next time - news about Backpacker Painting: Outdoors with Oil & Pastel.

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