Friday, October 10, 2008

Acadia Workshop Center - Day 4

We thought a morning of rain would drive us into the studio, but by the time we finished our critiques of yesterday's work and my talk on color temperature, we were able to head out. A stray drop or two was still falling, so we painted right outside the studio just in case we had to dash for shelter. (Pastel painters especially appreciate this!)

The house next to the studio served as a perfect example to illustrate my color temperature discussion. The overcast sky threw a cool light on the subject, which allowed a good bit of warmth to creep into the shadowed areas. (The rule of thumb: Warm light, cool shadows; cool light, warm shadows.) The porch overhang allowed the warmth to really come through. I find that it helps to push the temperature in the shadow areas to enhance the effect of cool light.

Here's my painting for the morning:

"Chrysanthemums & Rain"
8x10, oil

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