Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November Noon - Abstraction

"November Noon"
5x7, oil - SOLD

Gosh, we're just having one beautiful day after another! Today we drove down to Liberty Point and hiked the mile out to Ragged Point, home of the Sunsweep Sculpture. On the way back, I looked down off the cliff to see this wonderful composition and thought it'd make a nice "abstraction." Fortunately, I'd brought my paints with me. This was only a few hundred feet on the trail from the parking lot, an easy walk.

For those of you who've never painted rockweed, it's a tough color to master. It can look green one moment, and then a few seconds later, orange - or even blue. I used a mixture of Transparent Red Oxide, Quinacridone Red, Phthalo Green and Hansa Yellow Medium - and okay, even a little black - to get something that was close. The trick is to not mix the paint thoroughly and to vary the mixture in every brushstroke.

While I worked, a lobster boat and a skiff were parked out in the cove, and divers were gathering sea urchins. The roe is intended for Japan. How much do the Japanese pay, so that it is worth it for five fishermen to harvest urchins laboriously by hand with scuba gear?

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