Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Shadows

"Courthouse Butte, Christmas Eve"
5x7, oil
Available from Windrush Gallery

As I write this early Christmas morning, a light frost covers the rocks, and all is quiet, even the coyotes. The sun has not yet risen, but it's close. A star or two still twinkles overhead. After sunrise, we're going to hike to the top of Doe Mesa to get a grand view, and then down into Fay Canyon to see a little snow. We did have snow this week, but it's mostly gone, persisting only in the shadows.

Last night I went out to paint the view above the house. It's a glorious panorama, but I chose to focus on Courthouse Butte and the long shadows cast by Cathedral Rock, just out of the frame on the right. I'm looking forward later this winter to taking a 12x24 panel up there and painting more of it.

Have a blessed Christmas, everyone.


Deborah said...

Beautiful view, beautiful painting! You are very blessed, Michael, with both talent and beauty.

May you have a glorious Christmas day, and enjoy your new spot. I'm looking forward to seeing the paintings that come of it!

Jo Castillo said...

This is lovely, thank you. Hope your Christmas was full of love, fun, family and art. In any old order.