Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sedona Bound

Well, the workshop in Sarasota has ended, and the three of us are on our way west with Sedona our goal. We're looking forward to getting there and setting up shop. Sedona has some gorgeous scenery, and I'll be painting it with my students all winter as part of my Paint Sedona mentoring workshops. Students will lodge with us and share in the "art talk" that can happen over breakfast or on an afternoon hike.

"Cathedral Rock Shadows" 5x7, pastel

The Paint Sedona workshops are for the serious student who's got some outdoor painting experience under his belt and wants to climb higher in his skill. You'll have the chance to learn the finer elements of painting and get information that usually isn't handled in a regular workshop. But it's not just about advanced instruction. It's an opportunity to address issues that are bigger than mere craft. Here are some other things the workshop can do:

  • Give your art a mid-course correction
  • Create an action plan for the future
  • Define where your career is headed
Of course, if you just want to paint without reevaluating your life, you can do that, too! I'll serve as your guide for your painting holiday or artist retreat.

In the past four years, I've painted in Sedona as one of 30 nationally-known artists in the annual Sedona Plein Air Festival invitational. I also lived in Sedona last winter and had a very enjoyable Paint Sedona season. In my explorations, I created a long list of great painting spots. I'd like to share them with you. For more information, please visit

My next post will most likely be from Sedona. Happy travels! - Michael


Unknown said...

Great sales pitch, Michael! Where do I sign up?
See you in Sedona. MLC

Michael Chesley Johnson, Artist / Writer said...

Hi, MLC! You can join us anytime, no charge, just bring the cookies. See you soon!

Mustapha said...

Great work!keep it coming.
Here's where you can see some of my paintings,and follow some painting in progress :

Bill Cramer said...

See ya when ya get here. Lots of snow in the high parts of AZ with more on the way.