Friday, January 29, 2010


"Crescent Ranch Overlook" 9x12, oil - contact Michael

As many of you know by now, the "landing pad" overlooking Crescent Moon Ranch and Red Rock Crossing gives fantastic views in many directions. I can't get enough of the view, and it is different every time I'm up there. This is one I did a few weeks ago. The cottonwoods fill the valley between the hills. I can't wait for them to start budding. It'll be a task to capture the subtle grey-greens.

For this one, I tried to keep the foreground rock shadows darker and warmer in color than the distant cliffs. And although there was a good bit of rubble on the "landing pad" at my feet, I had to keep it subtle so it wouldn't draw too much attention. So, you'll see just a few strokes here and there of close value. For the cottonwoods below the precipice I was standing on, I also kept those soft - except for a few scratches with the brush handle to indicate trunks and limbs. Yes, I scratched right down to the white gesso ground and just left them. It can be a very effective way to signify that sort of feature.

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