Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Studio

It's not every day an artist gets to put together a new studio. Yesterday, I finished doing exactly that. As most of you know, we recently purchased a home near Sedona. The house itself is still undergoing renovations, but while old carpet was flying and new tiles were being cut in the other rooms, I sequestered myself in my studio to get organized. Trina, who is overseeing the renovations while I paint, teach my workshops and work on a couple of magazine articles, very nicely made sure that my studio got the overhaul first, so it was ready for me. New lights, new shelves, a new door plus a Solatube for some really nice light got me going.

Most of the stuff you see in the photos was in storage in New Mexico for three and a half years. It was like Christmas, opening up all those boxes. It was also nice to work by music from CDs that were also in storage. Neil Young got most of the air time. I actually got to the point yesterday where I started gessoeing some panels. Progress!

I want to leave you with a painting I did the other day of the creek near our house. This is Spring Creek, which feeds into Oak Creek. The creek has a couple of good painting spots with pools and small waterfalls. Some of the pools create what I'd call a staircase - one pool dropping into another pool and that into another pool, and so on. For this one, I positioned myself at the bottom of the staircase by one particularly nice rush of water.

"Spring Creek Pool" 9x12, oil - contact Michael


Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Nice studio! I hope to have one some day.

billspaintingmn said...

Good contrast of warm & cool tones.
I like the brushstrokes in this.
I can also hear the water!
Congratulations on the new studio!

Bill Cramer said...

Looks good Michael! I see your dog likes the new digs, too.