Monday, May 24, 2010

Large Paintings

"Cut Field" 12x24, oil

I've got a month before I teach my first workshop, so my goal in the next four weeks is to paint as many large paintings as I can. Typically with workshops, I do smaller pieces so I can quickly get them to a certain "finish" for the students. (Folks get a bit antsy if you make a habit of doing four-hour demos!) I do have some 18x24 canvases in stock, so I'll be getting to those shortly.

In the meantime, though, I did a 12x24 yesterday. I wanted to paint some views with a larger span, because lately I've been finding the more standard proportions limiting. We just brush-hogged the front field down to our tallest spruce, and it has opened up some good possibilities for the summer. In this painting, I really wanted to give a sense of the breadth of the property, so I included a good swath. It's really a lovely time of year with the apple trees blooming and all those "spring greens."

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