Sunday, May 30, 2010

Break from the Cottage Series

"Cut Field Colors" 12x12, oil

This is a 12x12 I did last week before I started painting the cottages. I had limited time that afternoon, but my front field was so lovely with color after having it brush-hogged that I wanted to capture it before it turned green again. I spent about 30 minutes on this piece, using a very big brush and letting the paint do its own thing. It's a very loose piece, and I love the brush work.

I was going to paint another cottage today, but the weather was against me. So, what's one of the things a plein air painter does in that case? Why, go through some of his sketches to see where he's been. I pulled out several that I thought some of you might like to have and am putting them up on eBay. Students or other artists often like to get a small piece to see first-hand how a painter works.

These are all oil, and some of them were quick, and others were more studied. There's a good variety of both subject and technique. Trina has helped me put up a few today, and there will be more to come if this works. To see the listings, go to eBay and search on "Michael Chesley Johnson" or follow this link.

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