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Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Book from Lois Griffel

I just returned from teaching a workshop in St Andrews, New Brunswick, to find a nice little surprise waiting for me at home - Lois Griffel's new book, Painting Impressionist Color. I am honored that Lois thinks enough of my work that she wanted to use three of my paintings as illustrations.

Lois was the director of the now-gone Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown, Massachusetts, for many years, having worked closely with the previous director, Henry Hensche. (Hensche took over the School from another legendary artist, Charles Hawthorne.) Lois, also the author of Painting the Impressionist Landscape, is well-known for her use of impressionistic techniques and has a national reputation as a plein air instructor. I've admired her work for many years. It wasn't until she taught a workshop at the Acadia Workshop Center in Maine that I was able to study with her. We have a mutual friend, Gail Ribas, who owns AWC, and we had some good times during that week.

Not too long ago, Lois moved from the Cape to Arizona. I was delighted to find out that she lives only a few hours from our winter home in Sedona!

Lois' site is Her book is available at these sites:

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Michael Chesley Johnson, Artist / Writer said...

I've finished reading the book now, so I can speak a bit more about it. This book builds on the foundation laid by her earlier book, PAINTING THE IMPRESSIONIST LANDSCAPE. The new book isn't for beginners, but assumes that you have a certain knowledge of color-mixing, of plein air painting, and in handling the medium of your choice. The book includes nine demonstrations plus many images to illustrate key concepts.