Sunday, August 29, 2010

Video: A Day in the Life (studio)

What does an outdoor painter do on his day off from painting? Good question. Sometimes I end up in the studio. Some folks think that a plein air painter has no need for a studio, since he's got the Great Outdoors. This is far from the case, however.

I decided to shoot a video of what I do when I'm not outside painting. When I began shooting, I thought it would be a pretty typical day, but as it turned out, it was busier than usual. I sold a couple of paintings in the afternoon, which required me to wrap them up for the client and to then get another piece or two ready to replace them in the gallery. This takes more time than you'd think! Also, I ended up varnishing a couple of pieces, tweaking a plein air piece and more. Take a look.

(Can't see the image? Go directly to the video here:

Music by Moby. Used with permission.

By the way, has now released my pastel video as a download. Click here to preview/purchase. I'm very happy, because now I don't have to worry about duplicating and distributing a physical product! My other video, the one on oil, will be released next month (September 2010.)

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daniela.. said...

The paper roll holder is a great idea...I noticed that you have set up some lighting for photographing your work. Is there any chance you could talk about this, maybe in one of your videos? A professional photographer told me you need hugely expensive special lighting, but then an art teacher wrote a book saying hardware store lighting is perfectly fine, I am sure a lot of artists would find your point of view interesting.