Monday, October 11, 2010

Color Abstraction

"Seawall Colors" 9x12, oil

This is an unusual painting for me in that it has lots of unmitigated color. Often, I'll work at getting the colors pretty close to what they are in the landscape before me. But sometimes, especially when I'm working quickly, I'll forgo precision and go for effect. I wanted to "push" the colors, keep things abstract, and above all, get the feeling of bright sun on the middle-distance rocks and surf. (Painted on untempered hardboard prepped with two coats of Gamblin PVA and two coats of Golden Acrylic Gesso. I painted this on-location at the seawall in Acadia National Park.)

Do you think it works? I'd be interested in your comments.

This kind of painting should also look interesting when seen upside down. Turning the painting upside-down breaks the communication link between one half of the brain and the other, so the shapes aren't quickly recognized for what they are. This lets us see the abstract pattern, which should "work" no matter which way it's oriented. (I'm sure you've all heard this before.)

Tomorrow, I promise to return with a more typical piece.


Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

This caught my eye on my reading list! It is really different from your usual work Michael! It is a good reminder to us all to play sometimes and think outside the box.

Mary Pyche said...

I love this one! I love the colors and excitement! Do some more like this. It's very lively.

bvpainter said...

like this very much.

Sara Mathewson said...

This definitely works! i love the colors used and don't think it is overdone at all! Love it!

David Carroll said...

Unmitigated color is also raw emotion, you expressing what you were feeling at that moment lost to time.

What greater goal in art than that?
I love this piece.

Michael Chesley Johnson, Artist / Writer said...

Thanks so much, everyone!