Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Panorama - and a Calendar!

"Noon at Liberty Point" 12x24, oil

I've been wanting to do a panorama of Liberty Point for some time. Even though we're busy packing for our trip to Sedona, Trina pushed me to get out to paint it. It was a beautiful day - windless, warm and sunny - so there really was no excuse except the packing, which I'm making progress on. The fellow I went painting with looked at the piece as I was finishing and said, "Trina should task you more often." Sometimes we need just a little push, even those of us who are genetically motivated and disciplined.

(The image is a tad dark on the right due to lighting. Once it's dry, I'll re-shoot it properly.)

Today I also put together my 2011 calendar. It's got 12 all-new paintings from this year. The winter months feature Sedona, Arizona; summer features Campobello Island, New Brunswick, and Lubec, Maine. If you'd like a preview or to order it, please follow this link to my Lulu store:

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Steve PP said...

Fantastic! I love the panoramic format Michael!