Monday, November 25, 2013

Presentation: "The Fine Art of Pastel"

Last night, I spoke as one of three Master Signature members of SAGA (Sedona Area Guild of Artists) to a standing-room-only crowd.  The event, one of several scheduled in conjunction with SAGA's fall members' show, was a great success.  We got lots of questions and interest from the public about what it is we do as artists.

Although I have three oil paintings in the show, which continues until December 5, I was asked to speak about pastels.  The pastel medium, as some of you know, was my re-introduction to the world of painting.  I'd left painting for awhile to pursue other interests (like putting food on the table), but a one-day pastel workshop re-ignited my passion.  It got me not only painting again, but opened me up to a medium I'd not used before, one that is wonderfully tactile and immediate.  During the presentation, I educated the audience on how pastel is different from chalk and what a permanent medium it is.  It is worthy of hanging in any gallery or museum, right up there with paintings made in oil.

Encaustic artist John Warren Oakes and sculptor John Soderberg also spoke.  Oakes talked about encaustic fundamentals and the ease with which an encaustic can be made, and he followed up with a demonstration.  Soderberg talked about his sculptures, and about the vision and the ingenuity behind their creation.  Both artists showed beautiful examples of finished works.

I've had a request to make available my PowerPoint slides from the presentation.   Although viewing the slideshow won't give you the full sense of my charming personality, you'll at least get a good idea of the subject.  The slides are, I think, self-explanatory.  Click here for the slides.

The Fine Art of Pastel
Click Here for the Slides

As I  mentioned, the "SAGA: Visions of Fine Art" exhibition continues through December 5 at Old Marketplace Plaza in West Sedona.  For full details, please visit this link to the SAGA event page.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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