Friday, December 6, 2013

Fine Art of Pastel - Video Presentation

As you may remember, a couple of weeks ago I gave a short lecture on "The Fine Art of Pastel" for the Sedona Area Guild of Artists in conjunction with a "3 Masters Speak" event for the public.  I posted my slide show from the event shortly thereafter.  Now I'm happy to announce that the video of the lecture is available on my YouTube channel.

For your convenience, here is the lecture.  (For those of you receiving this blog post via e-mail, please go to this link:  It's about 35 minutes long.

The PowerPoint slides in the video are a little hard to read.  I've created a page where you can watch the video and step through the slides yourself at the same time.  Try it!

By the way, we still have space in a few of my Paint Sedona plein air painting workshop weeks.  Please visit for details.  If you're not a painter yourself, you might consider giving a gift to a Paint Sedona workshop to a painter you know.  Let me know if you are interested!

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