Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kickstarter Project: 50 Paintings for the Roosevelt Park's 50th Anniversary

Mr Roosevelt's House
12x24, oil/panel
Painted on-location in the Roosevelt-Campobello International Park

I am excited to announce that Kickstarter has approved my painting project for next spring and summer.  From May to July 2014, I will be creating 50 paintings to celebrate the Roosevelt-Campobello International Park's 50th anniversary.

As many of you know, the Park has been very important to me over the last several years.  I began spending significant time on Campobello Island in 2005, which is when Trina and I bought a house there and I established my studio.  I have hiked many miles along the Park's trails, visited some remote spots that few tourists manage to find, and have painted many of the views in hundreds of paintings.  Even though I am in Arizona for the winter, I dream about the green trails of Campobello.

The 50 paintings will be 6"x6" and framed, with the goal of exhibiting them on Campobello.  I am currently negotiating with the Park for an exhibition in August.  After the exhibit, the paintings will be shipped to project backers as one of the rewards.  Additionally, I'll create a book featuring all 50 paintings, a calendar with 12 selected paintings, and a set of notecards - all of which will be rewards for project backers.

Funding for the project has already begun, and the final day for funding is February 15.  It will help me purchase materials plus the time to do the project.  So, time is of the essence!  If you'd like to learn more about this project please visit my project page:


There are several levels of funding, so I hope you will support me in this project.  Thank you!

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