Sunday, December 1, 2013

Talking Too Much to the Paint

Bear Mountain View, 6x12 oil - SOLD
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After I've painted a demonstration or a painting for myself - each of which takes a great deal of thought and verbal articulation, either to myself or to my students - I'm usually a little weary.  Especially my head.  But being brain-tired can be a good thing.  Sometimes we talk too much to the paint, and following up with a second painting when you're in this tired state can lead to interesting places.

The painting at the top is one such piece.  After doing a demonstration and making sure my students had what they needed for the next few minutes, I grabbed a knife and went to work.  No preliminary thumbnail sketch, no value or color analysis, no talking to myself.  Just mixed paint and spread it on.  I let intuition and experience take over, giving my brain take a rest.

I was surprised and pleased where this painting took me.  It's different from my usual work:  broad strokes, richer color, more painterly.  I actually felt rather rested when it was all over!

By the way, if you haven't heard it enough, my holiday-studio-clearance-extravaganza continues, and I'm including the piece above.  Click here for the event.

Also, I'm teaching a four-week "Plein Air Essentials" course through Artist's Network University starting December 10.  Click here for details or to register.

Did I mention Paint Sedona?  We have space left in several weeks from now until mid-April.

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