Wednesday, January 10, 2018

First Plein Air of the New Year

"Winter Lake"
8x10 Oil by Michael Chesley Johnson

It's been a busy season with one thing or another, but today I finally was able to head out into the snowy wilderness to paint.  What called me out?  The first snow to hit the Zuni Mountains.  I love painting in snow.  But I also love it when the snow disappears in a day or two, which this is sure to do.  That was all the more reason to get out before it does disappear.

Detail of snow

I don't think I've ever painted snow in a landscape filled with sagebrush.   The scent of sage was remarkable!  I sucked in big lungfuls and still couldn't get enough of it.  My years of hiking in Vermont winters led me to believe that winter is a season lacking any treat for the nose.  Not so here in the high desert of New Mexico.

I'll get out again soon, but I've got two more studio projects to finish first.

Heading off to my spot

Setting up the Daytripper easel from Prolific Painter

Ready to go

Nearly done

A photographer always comes by, so I have to smile

And now we're ready to hike back to the car.  A snow squall came right after this
photo was taken, obliterating the view.

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MarilynW said...

Beautiful painting. That aroma during your painting time must have been wonderful. Love your colors in the snow. Perfect for the southwest. Marilyn Witt