Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Seeking Painting Workshop Venues

Like most artists who teach, I schedule my workshops a year or more in advance.  Although 2018 is already scheduled out, I am looking ahead (already!) to 2019 and beyond.  If you are part of a painting group or art organization that would like to have me travel to your location, let's talk!  The best workshops, I've found, aren't with "art centers" but with painting groups or art organizations like yours.  Also, if you have a juried exhibition, I'm happy to serve as judge and teach a workshop in conjunction with the show.

Here are some details to get you started.  The workshop can be:
  • Pastel-only, oil-only, or both
  • Plein air, studio or a combined plein air-to-studio format
  • Or customized to cover a specific topic
As for costs:
  • I charge $75/day per student (you can add more to cover space rental, refill the coffers, etc.)
  • You pay my travel expenses (unless it is "on the way" when I make my cross-country trip in spring and fall, and I always cover my own meals)
  • You provide lodging, preferably with a host in exchange for the workshop (a "comp")
  • You provide workshop space suitable for the number of students
  • If the workshop is plein air, I'll need a guide to suitable plein air locations
I offer one complimentary workshop either to the workshop coordinator (you!) or to the person providing lodging.

Length of the workshop can be anywhere from 1 to 4 days.  The minimum number of students is determined by how far I have to go and how many days the workshop is.  It's best if you contact me and we can discuss this.  You can reach me via e-mail at mcj.painter@gmail.com and visit my current workshop listings at www.MChesleyJohnson.com/workshops

Now that the New Year is here, let's make a resolution to get out and paint!  I've included a few photos here from previous workshops.

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