Thursday, January 11, 2018

Revisions: Sunrise, Ramah Lake

Revision:  "Sunrise, Ramah Lake"
19x25 pastel by Michael Chesley Johnson

The other day, I wrote about coming across a couple of large pastels from 15+ years ago that I wanted to rework.  Here is the second (and last.)  I really like the color of the original piece, but the foreground design was rather static.  So, I propped it up on the easel and got to work.

Of course, one thing leads to another.  I decided I also had to:

  • Lighten the sky
  • Add more warmth to the clouds
  • Make more irregular (and thus natural-looking) the “wedding cake” cliffs on the left (based on observations made from life this week)
  • And, finally, modify the color of green of the floating rafts of lake weed so it wasn't so acidic and intense

Along the way, I also worked on my main goal, and added more dynamic and rhythmic strokes to the reflections and rafts of weeds.

Here's the original and the revision, side by side:

Left:  Original; Right: Revision

I think it's a better piece because of this effort, and now I'll look for a nice frame for this and the first revision I did.

Now, I need to start working on that studio piece for the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art!

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