Sunday, February 28, 2021

Scaling Up - And Plein Air Live

Scaling up a small painting presents many creative problems, but a more mechanical one has to do with drawing the transfer grids.  How many of us have struggled with the math?  

For example, let's say you have a sketch that is 7 inches wide, an odd number, but you want the larger painting to be 24 inches, an even number.  It'd be helpful if that sketch were 8 inches wide, wouldn't it?  On the sketch, you could simply draw a grid with 1-inch-wide columns and then, on the larger surface, a grid with 3-inch-wide columns, resulting in each having 8 columns of the same width.  But 7 inches!  You would need to divide the sketch into 7/8-inch columns.  This gets messy, fast.

Well, there's an easier way, no matter the dimensions.  Here's a short video that explains (

By the way, today is the LAST day to get the good discount on Plein Air Live.  You can certainly sign up after today, but if you sign up today you get $500 off the program.  I'll be demonstrating!  Here's the link

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Jo Castillo said...

Thanks for the tip. I had forgotten that idea.

Good luck with the Plein Air convention. We have lousy internet so not able to do the on line event. Would love to do it.