Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sedona 07 - Day 2

After a bowl of oatmeal at a Main Street diner, I headed out on Route 179 for the Village of Oak Creek and a road that turned to dirt and dead-ended at Oak Creek. We were having another day of wind, and I figured the trees around the creek would shelter me. Parking is not allowed at the end, so I had to park at the approved, official parking spot a quarter-mile up the road and hike down.

Just across the creek was the Crescent Moon picnic area and Red Rock Crossing, but both were inaccessible from where I stood, thanks to the creek waters. To get to that side of the creek, you'd have to take a different road out of Sedona (89A) and go in basically the opposite direction. I had a great view, though: the broad creek with yellowing cottonwoods arching over it, and Cathedral Rock rising up in the distance. Soon after I set up, two other painters arrived -- but on the other side of the creek. All we could do with the water between us was wave a greeting.

I set up on a broad shelf of flat, red rock with a view of a small waterfall cascading over an exposed rock ledge. Although I had a grand view, I chose this intimate one. I really liked the warm color of the submerged rock, especially where the sun hit it, and the cool purples of the reflected sky beneath the waterfall. I made the above 9x12 oil.

After finishing up, I took a hike on the Turkey Trail, not too far away. This year I'm carrying a cell phone, and I was surprised to find I had "three bars" in the middle of nowhere! I couldn't see a house, a utility pole or any sign of technology. (I called Trina in Canada and left a message stating this. It's amazing how technology can help us spend our idle time so wisely. I've observed this also in airports.)

At lunchtime, I went to the Basha's supermarket and picked up a veggie salad at the deli. I took it to the Community Center picnic area, which I found last year to be a great place to organize and frame. The place is empty during the workday, so I had it all to myself. I opened up boxes, framed a piece for my host (hosted artists give art in exchange for a bed), and looked over paperwork. Later in the week, I'll do all my framing there.

I rested a bit in the afternoon, catching up on my stack of New Yorkers that I lugged along. I waited until 4 to go back out to where I had painted Sunday evening. As I mentioned in yesterday's entry, I had gotten only the block-in done, and I wanted to finish. This location sports a good view of Capitol Butte. But better yet, it has a dog park. By 5, dogs were already at play, barking, yelping and having a great time. Once in awhile, someone would play a little rough, and I'd hear a dog owner say something like "Hey, cut it out!" I kept thinking of my dog, Saba, and wondering how she'd like a dog park.

Here's my 9x12 oil of Capitol Butte:

We had a group dinner for artists at Los Abrigados Resort & Spa. Other than our orientation meeting on Sunday, this was our first group event. I sat at a table with Scott Prior, William Scott Jennings, Carolyn Hesse-Low, Doug Moran, Billyo O'Donnell, Brian Stewart and Jeannette LeGrue. What do artists talk about when they get together? Not about the proper use of Ultramarine Blue. Rather than craft, we talked about shows, awards and money -- the business end of art.

Before I forget, here is my painting I did at the first paintout on Sunday morning. I did this from the back of the Sinagua Plaza downtown. This 9x12 oil is a view of the Mitten Ridge:

So...what's your favourite?

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