Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sedona 07 - Day 6

Framing was the big order of the day today. This sometimes-arduous task was looming ahead, and until I'd dealt with it, I really couldn't see myself focussing on another painting. So, right after a short walk into the Soldier's Pass trailhead -- the sunrise lit up the red rocks that tower up on either side of the trail in a spectacular way -- I drove off to my favourite framing spot.

Framing requires a lot of space. Last year, I found the group picnic tables at the Sedona Community Center to be ideal. There's no one there most of the day, so you can have your pick of vistas. Big tables in the shade, convenient trash barrels and rest rooms, plus a view of the red rocks -- what more could you ask for? It's also a good spot for touch-up. I did a little touch-up on a few of the paintings, and then got to work framing. Here's me at work, plus a shot of a few pieces framed:

By the way, framing on the road requires not just space but also organization and planning. Before I flew out to Sedona, I made sure to pre-load my Fletcher Framemaster and to order screw-eyes and hanging wire with my frames. The one thing I didn't have was a Sharpie, which I use to sign the back of the paintings, plus to add title, date and the letters "e.p.a." (I put this on the back of all my plein air pieces -- "e.p.a." means "en plein air.") I picked one of these up at Basha's, where I went later to buy a salad at the deli for lunch.

After framing, I headed out to Red Rock Crossing. Although it costs $8 to enter the park, it's worth it, even for just a morning. (My framed pieces were due at the Art Center between 4 and 6 pm.) As with the day before, I loaded up my backpack and hiked in. I did some considerable hiking this time before I found a spot I liked. It was deep in the woods and by a stream. Here's the painting, although I did some minor touch-up on it later after taking this photo:

I finished up around 2, including framing this last painting. After driving back into town, I took a walk down to L'Auberge to scope out a spot for the Quick Draw event on Saturday. I made the mistake of sitting in a chair by the creek to watch the ducks for a moment, and nearly fell asleep. I was mesmerized by the slowing-moving water and the motion of little, fallen leaves travelling through the eddies. I suppose I was also a little tired from the week. A pair of ducks loudly mating stirred me out of my reverie. I then hiked back up to the main road (a steep climb of a 100 feet or so) and bought an iced coffee.

I delivered the framed pieces to the Art Center. The process involves picking out what you consider to be your top three pieces and then to number the remaining ones as "backups." I'll try to take good photos of these framed and in place during the Patron's Gala on Saturday.

The day ended with a dinner party at the Art Center's Executive Director's home, where we had not only excellent food but also excellent views. We watched the full moon rising behind Cathedral Rock. If only I'd had my camera! Or perhaps we all should have painted nocturnes.

Tomorrow: the much-dreaded Quick Draw, followed by the much-anticipated Patron's Gala.

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