Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sedona 07 - Day 8

It's over! I stopped by the Art Center just after dawn to park my car and go for a walk. The volunteers were already there -- this was around 7 am -- and were rehanging the art that they had moved from the Gala at the L'Auberge resort during the night. Some volunteers were fresh, others were clearly tired from the long days. I wandered out for a walk in Uptown to see the early morning sun on the red rocks.

After grabbing a cup of coffee from Ravenheart Coffee, I went back to the Art Center. I wanted to wash my brushes before the event started at 9. I haven't washed my brushes all week, which is a first for me. I was surprised that, after 10 paintings, the brushes were still pliable! I got everything cleaned up, donated my can of Turpenoid to the Center (I can't take it on the plane) and then joined the arriving artists.

I took a few photos of the show before the crowds arrived. Here are my paintings hanging in the primary gallery. I'm sandwiched between William Scott Jennings and Raleigh Kinney.

Here are my backup paintings, plus the Quick Draw, hanging in the second gallery. That's Tom Lynch doing some quick rehanging in his section.

The crowds arrived promptly at 9. There was little rest for the weary as we talked with patrons and potentional patrons. Pizza arrived around noontime for us artists. More talk...and by 3, it was all over.

There's not much more to add, except that it was a great week. I painted a lot of good paintings (some will be for sale on my website when I get back to New Brunswick), met a lot of really good artists, made some new friends, and enjoyed the hospitality of the workers at the Sedona Art Center. I would like to thank in particular my hosts, Janet and Peter Fagan, who really made this trip special.

Now that it's over, I'm heading for Santa Fe. I'll be spending a few days there, gallery-hopping, and renewing my acquaintance with that area. The weather looks like it'll be cooler there. I'll finally have a chance to wear all the turtlenecks I brought to Sedona!

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