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Thursday, February 16, 2023

AI and the Writer: An AI Offers Thoughts on Writing as an AI

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Here's an illustration I created through the Stable Diffusion AI

(I'll be continuing my series on Color shortly!  But this was so interesting, I wanted to share it.)

Yes, I know—this isn't exactly about plein air painting.  But in my Instagram feed, I have been getting a slew of ads for companies that want me to use their AI-bots to write my blog posts.  Trust me, I would never, ever, hire even another human to write my posts.  (Yes, that is another service I've been approached with.)  Yet curious, I looked at some of the writing samples from the AI.  I was not impressed.

So I asked my friend, ChatGPT, over for another cup of virtual coffee.  What, I asked, are the negatives of using an AI for writing a blog? I figured a little self-criticism might be good for him.  Here's what he said:
Artificial Intelligence has been widely used in many fields, and one of them is writing blogs. While AI-generated content has the potential to increase efficiency and productivity, it also has several drawbacks that cannot be ignored.

One major issue with AI-generated content is that it lacks originality and creativity. AI algorithms are trained on existing data, and as a result, their output is often formulaic and lacks the unique voice and perspective that human writers bring to their work. Additionally, AI-generated content may contain grammatical errors, typos, and awkward phrasing that can negatively impact the credibility of the blog and its author.

Moreover, the use of AI for writing blogs can also result in a loss of personal touch and emotional connection between the writer and reader. Blogs are often written to share experiences, opinions, and ideas with a wide audience, and the use of AI to create content can result in a disconnect between the author and the reader.

Additionally, AI-generated content can also perpetuate biases and misinformation. AI algorithms are trained on existing data and may incorporate these biases into their output, leading to the spread of false information. This could have serious consequences, particularly in the context of sensitive topics such as politics and health.

In conclusion, while AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we create content, it is important to consider the negatives associated with its use, particularly in the context of writing blogs. We should weigh the benefits against the potential drawbacks and use AI with caution, ensuring that human writers are still an integral part of the process.

So, there's hope for me as a blog writer.