Sunday, July 22, 2018

Summer Sale Begins! "Paint Me" 8x10 Oil

"Paint Me"
8x10 Oil by Michael Chesley Johnson

It's that time of year again when I take stock of the paintings in my studio.  This summer, I've chosen several select pieces that I am offering for sale at low prices.  Many are personal favorites, all of them good, but I do need to make room.  (All artists face this dilemma now and then--keep it, or part with it?)  The sale won't be forever, though!  Prices are good through August 31, 2018.  I'll mark them "sold" as I receive payment.

Rather than post them all at once, I am going to post one every day or so.  If you lose track of what I've posted when, you can see them all at this link:

I'll try to tell a story with each one, too.  "Paint Me" is one of my favorite working boats in Lubec, the Rachel & Simone.  Once in a while, the skipper pulls the boat up near the shore, ties it up and waits for the tide to go out.  Once the tide's out, the hull can be painted.  I was out looking for something to paint one warm summer morning and spotted her.  The light around her felt incandescent, and I tried to paint it that way.

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**Paintings shipped unframed
**Free postage to continental US
**Price in US Dollars
**Check preferred, but Paypal payment OK.  Contact me at to purchase.
**First come, first served!
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